The Pocket Universe is small on the outside, but once inside, there are no limits. You literally look infinitely far away and are immersed in an alternate reality. A pocket-sized parallel universe.

The Pocket Universe is an infinity room in a compact container, a technical installation in which mirrors and light play a leading role. Audio and other effects take the experience to a higher level. Everything you see, hear and feel in The Pocket Universe invites you to surrender to your senses, to another reality. Here you are part of the infinity.


Visitors can enter the box alone or in a group. In a dark environment, bystanders from outside can watch. The experience is suitable for young and old. Due to its sensory approach, The Pocket Universe can also be interesting as an experience space for special target groups. The Pocket Universe not wheelchair accessible.


The Pocket Universe adds an extra dimension to any place, event or festival. The Pocket Universe can be placed both outside and inside (eg in exhibition halls). In a light and in a dark environment. The Pocket Universe comes standard with different shows of 3 to 5 minutes. The installation is plug and play and has a playing surface of 4.5 by 3.5 meters. A limited space offers an unlimited experience.


In addition to the standard shows, the mobile infinity room can be used in an infinite number of ways:

  • With tailor-made shows. This applies to the music, the light or both. Longer, with specific atmospheres, everything can be discussed.
  • With live input from, for example, a DJ.
  • Integrated in a setup such as a (trade fair) stand or stage.
  • As a special basis for an artistic project or presentation.


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